JBnJAWS Productions: Decoding the Entrepreneurial DNA

Saad Raafay Ahsen, M. Shehryar Shahid

INDUSTRY : Brand Management

AREA : Entrepreneurship



LUMS No : 23-073-2018-1




Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial journey, venture creation, entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial process


This case follows the entrepreneurial journey of Jahanzaib Shafique (JB) and Sarfaraz Niazi, the founders of JBnJAWS Productions; which is one of Pakistan's leading marketing support and event management agencies. The case highlights important events from each of the founders' lives, from before the formation of JBnJAWS Productions, as well as showcasing how their partnership came about and how the company got to where it is today. The case offers unique insight into the thoughts, struggles, challenges and mindset of two budding entrepreneurs who started from nothing and built up a marketing-support heavyweight. This case is intended to help students understand what entrepreneurs are really made of, i.e., how to decode the entrepreneurial mindset. It helps answer questions such as which common traits are embodied by successful entrepreneurs and what the entrepreneurial process looks like, i.e., how the thoughts and actions of entrepreneurs can differ from those of traditional managers and business graduates. Most importantly, this case study is meant to serve as an inspiration for future generations of entrepreneurs.


This case study can be used in any undergraduate, MBA or EMBA course in Entrepreneurship, especially in the initial sessions. Its primary purpose is to provide students with inspiration by way of highlighting the entrepreneurial journey of two relatable entrepreneurs, who started their journey in similar circumstances to many students today. The teaching note to the case has been designed around three main theoretical frameworks, which correspond to two main teaching objectives. - For Objective 1: * J. Timmons and S. Spinelli. New Venture Creation, 8th Edition. McGraw-Hill Higher Education (2007). - For Objective 2: * L. A. Schlesinger and C. F. Kiefer. "Just Start: Take Action, Embrace Uncertainty, Create the Future." Harvard Business School Press, Boston MA (2012). * A. Bhide. "How Entrepreneurs Craft Strategies That Work." Harvard Business Review (1994). After reading the case study and the supporting theoretical frameworks, students should be in a position of; 1. Understanding the entrepreneurial mindset, i.e., they should be able to identify which common traits are embodied by successful entrepreneurs. 2. Analysing information in the case study to determine what the entrepreneurial process looks like and applying the information in the theoretical frameworks to evaluate the use of Creation-based reasoning within the case scenario and the use of alternatives to traditional managerial planning.