Asian Journal of Management Cases

Asian Journal of Management Cases is a peer-reviewed journal edited by faculty at the Lahore University of Management Sciences published in collaboration with Sage Publications. This journal aims at providing high quality teaching material to academics, consultants and management developers, through cases and research on management practices in the socioeconomic context of developing Asian countries. The journal covers all administrative disciplines including accounting and finance, business ethics, entrepreneurship, human resource management, marketing, organizational behaviour and strategic management.

Each issue of Asian Journal of Management Cases comprises four to five original teaching, research, or analytical case studies. Teaching cases should be accompanied with a Teaching Note (TN). Even though the TN will not be published, it is necessary for the review process and can be obtained by sending a request at AJMC does not publish pure research or applied research based on field studies (not case studies).

The journal is published in March and September every year with thematically focused issues occasionally.

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