Featured Cases

Featured Cases



Millat Tractors Limited: Has The Time Come to Say Goodbye to Massey Ferguson?

Dr. Muhammad Shakeel Sadiq Jajja, Dr Syed Zahoor Hassan

Mr. S. M. Irfan Aqueel, CEO Millat Tractors Limited (MTL) had to chalk out a company strategy and action plan for dealing with MTL’s contractual obligations with Massey Ferguson (MF). If MTL continued the technology partnership with MF, MTL would not be able to export tractors. Exporting tractors was important for MTL because the local tractor demand had slashed to half in the past couple of years thus leaving half of the production capacity of MTL and its 250 vendors unutilized. On the other hand, breaking ties with MF would generate several challenges for MTL in the local market. Aqueel had to present his recommendations and action plan about how to move forward.

Jajja, M. S., & Hassan, S. Z. (2016). Millat Tractors Limited: Has the Time Come to Say Goodbye to Massey Ferguson? Asian Journal of Management Cases, 1-22.




Moeed’s Externship Imbroglio: The Case of Identity Concealment

Dr. Ghufran Ahmad, Mr M. Adnan Azam, Ms Neha Shahid

The case is focused on the dilemma faced by an enthusiastic, career oriented and ambitious MBA student who is troubled by the following complicated situation related to his past winter externship with the fertilizer company, Fatima Fertilizer: a) Instructed by his boss to conceal his organizational identity and pose as a university student in order to gather information, the protagonist is now thinking whether he did the right thing. b) The protagonist is also confused whether the benefits of the social responsibility of this particular project, and obligation to offer beneficial products to poor farmers to minimize their losses and play their part in the development of an agricultural country outweigh the negatives of identity concealment.


Ahmad, M. G., Azam, M. A., & Shahid, N. (2016). Moeed's Externship Imbroglio: The Case of Identity Concealment. Asian Journal of Management Cases, 32-49.





Kalam: A Sustainable Gift

Dr. Salman Khan

The case primarily deals with an enterprising young entrepreneur who faces an unexpected situation. He has recently launched a startup which produces gifts using calligraphic art. He receives an offer of investment of Pakistani Rupees (PKR) 3 million for his new business; however, he does not know how much money he actually needs to take his startup to a whole new level against how much ownership he is willing to give up. The decision revolves around the issue of control and business ownership versus being rich. 

Khan, S. (2016). Kalam: A Sustainable Gift? Asian Journal of Management Cases, 95-107.





Union Railways: Selling Advertising Rights on Trains and Stations

Dr Rohail Ashraf, Dr Adnan Zahid, Dr Zain ul Abdin Khawaja, Research Associate Seeham Yousaf

Continuous losses had forced Union Railways (UR) to look for possible sources of incremental revenues, and selling advertising space on UR trains and stations seemed one such lucrative option. However, despite multiple events, UR was unable to receive reasonable bids from the market. The team tasked to execute the auction was at a loss to understand why the market had shown little interest when everyone knew that UR assets had substantional passenger footfall and time exposure. Not only this, UR faced greater disappointment when it arranged a brand conference where top multinational brand executives participated and shared scepticism for the project. An added source of confusion was the fact that few other organisations, both in the public and private sector, were able to execute similar projects with substantianl success. Realising the gravity of the situation, UR solicited the help of external consultants to evaluate the process and identify reasons and corrective measures so that advertisement space rights could be auctioned off.

Ashraf, R., Zahid, A., Khawaja, Z. u., & Yousaf, S. (2016). Union Railways: Selling Advertising Rights on Trains and Stations. Asian Journal of Management Cases, 125-147.





Namal College - The First Ten Years (2002-2012)

Dr Arif N. Butt, Ms Shezeen Hemani (Teaching Fellow)

The case documents the evolution of Namal College - Mianwali, Pakistan, the brainchild and dream project of Imran Khan - world renowned cricketer, philanthropist, and one of the most popular politicians of Pakistan. The case narrates the journery of Namal College for the first ten years of its establishment. In 2012, the Board faces two critical decisions - what should Namal's vision be for the next 10-30 years? And what should the Board do to overcome the operational challenges and achieve the organization's goals?

Butt, A. N., & Hemani, S. (2016). Namal College - The First Ten Years (2002-2012). Case Research Journal.