—The Next Challenge!—The Next Challenge!

Dr Farrah Arif & Ms Sarah Suneel Sarfraz—The Next Challenge!

This case features the challenges of a start-up website in the used car market in 2015 as its founding partners assess potential sources of profitable growth and ways to maintain their competitive advantage. Founded in Pakistan, was a vertically classified automotive portal. The case goes on to illustrate how successfully revolutionized the used-car trade channel by bridging the gap between the traditional retail channel of car dealers and buyers. Key discussion points of the case revolve around the turning point of PakWheels business, namely retention of users while sustaining the current business model, identification of key strategies for scaling up and monetization, and response to competitive threats to safeguard its market position. Through assessing these options and discussing this case, students will learn about strategic problems faced by online portals as well as how these unique businesses create value for end users.

Arif, F. & Sarfraz, S.S. (2017).—The Next Challenge! Asian Journal of Management Cases, Vol 14, Issue 2, pp. 137 - 159.